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1982 Jetta

Options and specifications
1982 Jetta

1982 Jetta Paint Color Options

Exterior Colors - *Metallic

Surinam Red* (LA3V)

Sand* (LA1V)

Mexico Beige (LE1M)

Inarisilver* (L94A)

Lhasa Green* (LA6V)

Regatta Blue* (LB5Y)

Ascot Gray (LA7A)

Black (L041)

Diamond Silver* (L97A)

Alpine White (L90A)


Number of Cylinders 4 cylinders, in-line
Bore x Stroke 3.13" x 3.40" / 79.5mm x 86.4mm
Displacement 105 cu. inches / 1715cc.
Compression ratio 8.2 to 1
Valve Arrangement Spur-belt driven, overhead cam
Horsepower, SAE net 74 @ 5000 rpm
Maximum torque, SAE net 86.6 ft.lbs @ 3000rpm
Fuel requirement Unleaded gasoline
Ignition Breakerless transistor

Cylinder block in line, cast iron
Cylinder head, aluminum alloy

Cooling System Water-cooled, Electric radiator fan, thermostatically-controlled; cross-flow radiator, closed and pressurized.
Fuel / Air Supply
Continuous Injecton System (CIS)
Transmission, manual, optional 5-speed, fully synchronized transaxle
1st gear: 3:45 to 1
2nd gear: 1.75 to 1
3rd gear: 1.06 to 1
4th gear: 0.70 to 1
5th gear: ?
Reverse: 3:17 to 1
Transmission, automatic, optional 3-speed, transverse, front-mounted transaxle
1st gear: 2:55 to 1
2nd gear: 1.45 to 1
3rd gear: 1.00 to 1
Reverse: 2:46 to 1
Final Drive Front wheel drive, double-jointed drive axles with constant-velocity (CV) joints.
Clutch Single disc, dry
Frame Unitized body/chassis, bolt-on front fenders
Front Suspension Independent coil/shock absorber struts, negative steering roll radius
Rear Suspension Independent stabilizer axle with coil/shock absorber struts
Service Brake Power-assisted, hydraulic, dual-diagonal; discs front; drums rear;
Brake-pressure regulator, rear
Parking Brake Mechanical, operated on rear drums
Rim Size 5 1/2j x 13
Tire Size 175/70 R13 steel belted radials
Steering Rack and pinion, double-pivot steering column; 3.9 turns, lock-to-lock
Rated Voltage 12 Volt,
65 Amp alternator
Battery 12 Volt, 45 Amp/hour
Cylinder firing order 1 - 3 - 4 - 2
Wheelbase 94.5 inches (2400mm)
Length 167.8 inches
Width 63.4 Inches (1615mm)
Height Unloaded - 55.5 inches (1360mm)
Ground Clearance Loaded - 4.6 inches
Turning Circle 31.2 feet (9.5m) curb to curb
Fuel Tank 10.0 US Gallons (40 litres)
Engine Oil 4.7 US quarts
Coolant 1.3 US Gallons (4.7 litres)
Luggage Space 22.3 cubic feet of trunk space
Top Speed 90 mph
0-50 mph time 8.3 sec.
Fuel Consumption* Highway: 40 mpg City: 25 mpg
*Your actual mileage may vary, depending on where and how you drive, your car's condition and optional equipment.

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