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1975 - 1993 MK1 Volkswagen Paint Codes

Caddy Paint Codes

Rabbit Paint Codes

Cabriolet Paint Codes

Scirocco Paint Codes

Jetta Paint Codes

Mk1 Volkswagen Paint Code FAQ's

My code has more numbers/letters than what is listed. What's up with that?
Volkswagen color codes can be shown differently on your vehicle, and sometimes the sales code might be included. For example, the code LY9B/A2 can be shown as LY9B or A2 on your car. Often you will see LY9B/W6 and only the LY9B is the color code.

Where can I find my paint code on my car?
Provided your car hasn't been resprayed, and the stickers are still in-tact, you can find your paint code in a few different places, depending on which mk1 you own. The code can be found on a silver sticker with black lettering.

  • On the Cabriolet, you can find the code on a sticker in one or more of the following places;
    • On top of the core support or rain tray in the engine bay.
    • On the chassis, on the crossbeam behind the rear seat. (see pic to the right)
    • On the driver's side door jamb.
  • On early German Rabbits, it's in the rear hatch; Typically on the floor between the spare tire well, and the rear panel, near the driver's taillight. However, you may find it stuck on the side of the spare tire well, or the bottom of the spare tire well, etc. as well.

  • Westmoreland cars, including Jettas and Caddies, had them on the top, driver's side of the core support.

  • Note: Typically, German cars will have the color's name in German, the Westmoreland cars are simply the code.

    Why are there some different codes for the same color, or different names for the same code?
    Because Volkswagen did some screwy things over the years. You'll have to ask them what the heck they were thinking, because we're still baffled on that one as well.

    Detailed legend of various items on paint code pages:

    Color available in the United States on that particular model.
    Color available in Canada on that particular model.
    Color available in Europe on that particular model.
    Links to further detailed information on a particular model/edition.
    Link to a picture example of that particular color.
    No Pic Available Do you have a picture of a mk1 with that color? Please email us!
    Info Needed! Do you happen to know which models were available in that particular color?
    Help? Do you happen to know which various models were available in any particular country?

    Please email us if you have any corrections, information, and / or pictures to contribute to this resource.

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